You gain strength, courage and confidence by every
experience in which you stop to look fear in the face.


– Eleanor Roosevelt

Modalities of Intervention

Key concepts and practices of my approach

Solutions Focussed

I’m keenly aware that your time is valuable and that you are looking for tangible results to help cope and overcome challenges. Sometimes all that is needed is some new insights and skills to help deal with these struggles to set you up for success. We’ll look at what you are doing that is working for you and how to change what hasn’t been working. We can bring awareness and address behaviour changes that might assist you in dealing with every day stressors.  This brief therapy can serve to get you in a better place in a few sessions so that you can function more effectively and give you a sense of mastery over your doubts and obstacles.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. This is an evidenced based and highly effective way to treat the effects of trauma. By allowing your brain to reprocess the impact and meaning of traumatic events in a positive supportive way, you can release these memories that may haunt you and replace them with a new found sense of freedom and autonomy. You will find that your triggers are much reduced and are able to garner a new outlook with a narrative that is positive and productive to help you move forward beyond the pain of the past.


Integrating the mind and the body in a congruent sense of self is key to not only feeling grounded but also to existing in a whole, present state of awareness. From a place of mindfulness you are much more equipped to look at the bigger picture of your life and choose wisely to bring you to a greater sense of peace and self acceptance. I help you gain practical skills you can do yourself to remain calm and learn to trust your own intuition.


This world is replete with distractions that often keep us disconnected and scattered. By getting in touch with all your bodily senses and learning to feel connected to your inner core strength you can move more freely in your being. Through experiential movement and body awareness techniques, you will learn to release those emotions that often correspond with areas of your body that hold patterns of pain or heaviness.


The first 5 years of our lives are key to how we do attachment throughout the lifespan. Our early experiences with caregivers either set up for secure or insecure attachments. Often we aren’t even aware of how these run our lives because these pre-verbal memories live in the unconscious mind. We explore attachment styles and determine how these may be impacting your life and intimate relationships and what you can do to attract people who contribute to that sense of security and safety.


Understanding how the mind works through development is key to raising healthy kids and self reliant adults. Much research over the last 20 years has not only revealed how important early childhood experiences are on the brain’s development but also that with plasticity, we know that the brain can grow and change throughout our lifespan. While early childhood is crucial we can now affect changes in our brains and mindset that were previously thought impossible. Which then assists those struggling with mental challenges to overcome these setbacks and learn new ways of being in relationship with self and others.


Often times we tend to overlook the fact that perhaps all we need is a little education to make sense of things. Areas around birthing, parenting, attachment, adoption, addictive tendencies, intimate relationships, navigating marriage or divorce, or end of live stages, all benefit from expert knowledge.


Meaning and purpose. Origins of conflict. Myths and storytelling. Symbolism and metaphor.  This level of therapy delves into the deeper layers of our being and explores the Why and attempts to uncover root causes of distress. Often we don’t realize that what may trigger us is something buried deep in our histories and making sense of our stories and knowing what is true in our beings, can liberate patterns of behavior that are often self sabatoging.

Expressive Arts

As an adjunct to talk therapy, I find that incorporating art therapy, play therapy, sand tray, movement, dance and music therapy goes along way to uncovering and releasing latent memories, stuck patterns of behavior, body image pathologies, and other types of neurosis that might impede motivation and creativity. These experiential modalities are reflective, revelatory and replenishing to our psyche. They are often accompanied by a sense of liberation, new found creative juices and a desire to live in one’s truth through joyous expression of an authentic self.


Enhancing the healing of the mind, body and soul through connection with nature. These experiential and reflective sessions focus on being in the sights, smells, touch and sound of the world around us. Excursions into the natural world highlight our deep desire and need to be connected to mother earth. This is profoundly healing and allows for one to feel safe and secure in the knowing that all life matters and our sense of oneness with all of life can keep us feeling awestruck, sane and thriving in this crazy mixed up society. Another very powerful way to promote well being and enhance your healing journey is to experience working with horses in their natural setting. you can find out more here.

Conflict Resolution

Following the great Marshall Rosenburg and his teachings of Non-Violent Communication, we focus on ways to be in conversation and relationship with others that is productive, reciprical, nurturing and demonstrative of deep gratitude. We are social beings and thrive on healthy interactions that bring us mutual respect and joyous celebration. Sadly many of us don’t know how to navigate these waters very well as a lack of practice in civility and negotiating for our needs can leave us  feeling lonely, misunderstood and insignificant. Which often leads to unwanted behaviors such as anger , hostility, revenge or dismissal. I teach you ways to effectively communicate your wants and needs in a heartfelt, non-judgmental way so that conflict can be mitigated and resolved in everyone’s best interest.


My upbringing in Christianity and Judaism, coupled with studies in comparative Eastern and Western religions in college has allowed me to remain open and accepting of all manners of religious expression. I do have a strong faith in the power of spirit to inform our lives no matter one’s belief system. Considering all life sacred holding meaning, purpose and interconnectness, elements of the divine are often trying to carve out a place in our awareness. If this is something that speaks to you we can explore how spirituality plays a role in your healing journey. Everyone finds ways to honor those things they hold sacred in life and I guide you in allowing grace and abundance to flow through your everyday encounters towards a more reverent and fulfilling existence.

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